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Weapon Special Traits

Some weapons have additional traits. Usually these weapon traits are based directly on the design of the weapon, but magical weapons can break the rules or exaggerate their existing traits.   For Example: A rapier has the “Duelist+1” trait because it is a fast thrusting weapon with a small striking area that is hard to parry against. A magical rapier bounded with a spirit that loves one-on-one fights could have the trait “Duelist+4”   There is no reason you couldn’t have a magical mace or battle axe that has the Duelist trait though it’s generally easier to enhance a weapon’s existing properties than to add new properties.     Grappling: Grappling weapons can be used during a grapple without penalty (though drawing them in the middle of a grapple may be difficult). These mainly include daggers, and worn weapons like spiked gauntlets.   Duelist: When fighting one opponent, the attacker gets a bonus die to his attack rolls.   Light: Light weapons do not suffer a penalty for being wielded in one’s off hand.   Top Heavy: Top Heavy weapons give a +1 difficulty penalty to the wielder when using the weapon to parry an attack. This cannot raise the difficulty to parry above 9.   Parrying: Parrying weapons usually have a basket hilt or other defensive design. Weapon gets a -1 (or better) difficulty bonus to the wielder when using the weapon to parry. This cannot lower the difficulty to parry below 3.   Convertible: Convertible weapons can be used to inflict bashing damage in place of lethal at no penalty.   Subdual: Subdual weapons always inflict bashing damage and cannot normally inflict lethal damage.   Chain: Chain weapons have a bonus die on attack rolls for trip or disarm maneuvers.   Brittle: Usually this only applies to improvised weapons. If the victim’s soak roll exceeds the damage roll by two successes, or if the damage roll botches, the weapon breaks.

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