Virdilut Material in Scarterra | World Anvil


(Verd-de-loot)   Virdilut is a relatively common natural resource in Scaraqua with many uses. It is the most common building material for both buildings and tools. It is not as strong as metal, but given how difficult it is for most sea creatures to work at a hot forge without boiling themselves alive, this is the next best thing.   Virdilut is a combination of caerulut and flavalut which are essentially blue and yellow clay respectively. When the two clays are mixed they will harden in about three days.   Properly treated and honed, Virdilut is roughly as strong and sharp and bronze. Combined with ordinary clay, Viridilut can be shaped into fast drying durable bricks for construction or sculptures.   A few eccentric Scarterrans like to collect Virdilut items for the novelty of owning something from the sea, but on the whole Virdilutis inferior to building materials available on land. Even Scaraquans prefer to use other materials when they can, it's just that Virdilut is so readily available to them, it's very ubiquitous.   Besides the novelty, the one thing Virdilut is good for surface dwellers is that it's a good base material for accepting enchantments related to water breathing or acoustics.


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