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The Dragon's Might

The Dragon's Might is a badge of honor given to someone for a great act of valor on behalf of the person's liege or Swynfaredia as a whole.   The Dragon's Might can theoretically be awarded to anyone, regardless of social class or magical ability.  The only requirement is that the person impress a duke, duchess or member of the royal family.   During war time, the Dragon's Might badges are handed out like candy.  During peace time, most of these badges go to monster slayers.  Saving a noble's life is a good way to earn the award too.   While there is prestige and a modest monetary award, this position is mainly honorary and has no official power or privilege.


Recipients get a lump sum of gold and can use their badge to gain entry into official state banquets and events.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A badge depicting a pouncing dragon.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

This award cannot be removed unless the recipient is convicted of treason.
Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Length of Term
lifetime appointmnet
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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