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Necromancy Spell List

First Circle Necromancy Spells

  Cause Fear: Target is inflicted with magical fear, resisted by Willpower. If the target loses their contested roll by three or more success, the target flees. Otherwise target is shaken getting a one die penalty on rolls for five rounds (if they lost by two successes) or three rounds (if they lost by one success). Manipulation   Chill Touch: Touch attack inflicts half successes in lethal damage, rounded down on a living target. This bypasses non-magical armor. Strength   Detect Void Creatures: Detects undead or Void Demons presence within 50 feet per success. At +2 difficulty it can detect less literal Void creatures such as lycanthropes. Perception   Dead Man’s Tongue: Spell allows caster to overcome all language barriers with any and all undead, restless dead or manifesting honored dead for one hour per success. Not all undead are capable of intelligent speech. Intelligence   Lifesight: Subject can see in the specturm of lifesight for one hour per success rolled. Perception   Disrupt Undead: Inflict successes in lethal damage on a nearby undead target. Undead get their normal soak as if they were attacked with a weapon. Wits   Gentle Repose: Preserves corpse from normal decomposing for two days per success. Intelligence      

Second Circle Necromancy Spells

  Burst of Pain (Cause Fear): Attack inflicts horrible pain on one subject. Resisted with Willpower. Subjects who fail, gain three dice of wound penalties on top of any wounds they already possess. Manipulation   Create Lesser Undead: Creates low tier undead such as skeletons and zombies. This takes ten minutes to cast and about 20 drams of reagents per skeleton animated or 5 drams per zombie animated. Re-animating a destroyed zombie or skeleton takes four times the number of regents. Charisma   Deathsight (Gentle Repose): The caster can look into the eyes of a corpse and witness the last few minutes of that person’s life. Two minutes per success rolled. Perception   Immobilize Undead (Disrupt Undead): Paralyze Undead for one turn per success. Free willed undead may resist with Willpower. Undead with Turning Resistance get half their rating added to their resistance roll. Manipulation   Ray of Enfeeblement (Chill Touch): Ranged touch attack inflicts one die of Strength damage per two successes rounded down. A targeted cannot be affected by this spell twice in one day. This cannot take a character’s Strength below zero. Strength   Vermin Purge (Chill Touch): Slays small creatures in a ten feet radius per success. One success covers fleas, two successes bigger bugs, three successes mice, and four successes rats. Vermin Purge has no filter and will kill beneficial small creatures along with the vermin.  

Third Circle Necromancy Spells

  Blindness/Deafness: Subject is struck blind or deaf for one month per success or until cured by magic. Resisted with Stamina + half target’s Willpower rounded down. Manipulation   Command Ghost (Dead Man’s Tongue): The caster can give a ghost a small number of simple commands, resisted by the ghosts Willpower. The caster can issue one command per net success. Manipulation   Create Undead (Create Lesser Undead): Create ghouls, wights or bone claws or other undead beings on this tier. Material components to animate a wight or ghouls costs 50 drams of regeants though corpses who were cannibals in life are much easier to turn into ghouls and corpses who were murderers in life are much easier to turn into wights. Bone claws cost 150 drams of regents and require the corpse to either be high born or a skilled warrior in life. Charisma   Inflict Disease (Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement): Touch attack inflicts targets with a disease. Stamina   Vampiric Touch (Chill Touch): Touch attack inflicts half successes in lethal damage, rounded down on a living target. This bypasses non-magical armor. Caster heals damage equal to health levels inflicted. Strength      

Fourth Circle Necromancy Spells

  Blight (Inflict Disease): Inflict aggravated damage equal to successes rolled to a number of plant creatures equal to successes rolled. Alternatively it kills mundane plants within a ten foot radius per success. Strength   Enervation: Ranged touch attack inflicts successes in aggravated damage. Strength   Greater Command Ghost (Dead Man’s Tongue): The caster can give a ghost a small number of simple commands, resisted by the ghosts Willpower. The caster can issue two commands per net success and the ghost’s resistance roll is difficulty 7. Manipulation   Speak With Dead (Dead Man’s Tongue, Gentle Repose): A corpse telepathically answers one simple question per success rolled. Answers may be cryptic or overly literal especially if it was something closely guarded or the living person was an enemy. This uses a residual memory in the corpse and does not affect the spirit of the deceased. Material components cost about 25 drams of reagents. Charisma   Void Shield: One target per success is warded against negative energy letting them survive in the Void and letting them counter all Necromancy and negative energy based attacks with their Willpower. Stamina   Wave of Pain (Burst of Pain, Cause Fear): Attack inflicts horrible pain on one subject per success rolled plus one. Resisted with Willpower, each net success causes a one-die penalty in a similar matter to wound penalties, max three-dice penalty but stacks with existing wound penalties. Multiple castings are cumulative but have a ceiling of 3 dice of pre-wound penalties.Manipulation      

Fifth Circle Necromancy Spells

  Bind Ghost (Dead Man’s Tongue, Command Ghost, Greater Command Ghost): The Necromancer binds a ghost, resisted by the ghosts Willpower. Ghost is bound to obey the letter of all commands for one year per the caster’s net success.   The caster needs to have a reliquary to bind the ghost. Ideally, the caster can find an object that was important to the ghost in life, or the caster can create an artificial reliquary worth materials costing at least 200 drams of reagents per dot of the ghost’s Willpower. Manipulation   Command Undead (Disrupt Undead, Hold Undead): Caster gains complete control over undead for 30 minutes per net success resisted by Willpower and Turn Resistance if any. If the undead has no free will or turn resistance, target gains control of one target per success. Charisma   Create Greater Undead (Create Lesser Undead, Create Undead): Create shadows, mohrgs and other beings on this tier. Charisma Energy Drain (Ray of Enfeeblement, Enervation): Inflict aggravated damage per success and loss of attributes equal to half the successes rolled. This cannot be soaked or blocked. Strength   Soul Prison: A soul of a recently deceased person (less than an hour) is bound into a gem or a mirror worth at least 100 gold pieces. This spell is permanent. A holder can roll Manipulation + Necromancy to force an imprisoned soul to answer a question once per day resisted by Willpower. The imprisoned soul can answer questions of her own free will if she wants. Manipulation   Undeath to Death (Disrupt Undead): Inflict unsoakable aggravated damage equal to successes on a number of non-free willed undead targets equal to successes. Wits
(1) Cause Fear (Manipulation), Chill Touch (Strength), Detect Undead (Perception), Dead Man’s Tongue (Intelligence), Lifesight (Perception), Disrupt Undead (Wits), Gentle Repose (Intelligence)     (2) Burst of Pain (Manipulation), Create Lesser Undead (Charisma), Deathsight (Perception), Immobilize Undead (Manipulation), Ray of Enfeeblement (Strength), Vermin Purge (Stamina)     (3) Blindness/Deafness (Manipulation), Command Ghost (Manipulation), Create Undead (Charisma), Inflict Disease (Stamina), Vampiric Touch (Strength)     (4) Blight (Strength), Enervation (Strength), Greater Command Ghost (Manipulation), Speak With Dead (Charisma), Void Shield (Stamina), Wave of Pain (Manipulation)       (5) Bind Ghost (Manipulation), Command Undead (Charisma), Create Greater Undead (Strength), Soul Prison (Manipulation), Undeath to Death (Wits)


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