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Lifting and Feats of Strength

Characters can automatically accomplish feats of strength on the chart below within their Strength rating, including magical enhancements.   Characters can push themselves temporarily by rolling Willpower difficulty 8. So a character with Strength 4 who gets two successes on the Willpower roll can perform level 5 and 6 feats of Strength once.   Failure does nothing, but a botch inflicts a level of unsoakable bashing damage on the character due to muscle strain.   Characters that get -1 on Strength rolls (such as orcs and half-orcs) also get -1 difficulty on Willpower rolls relating to feats of Strength. Characters with a Strength penalty of +1 (such as gnomes ) also get a +1 difficulty on Willpower rolls relating to feats of Strength   Characters taxing their strength take Fatigue checks at the Game Masters discretion.  Sure a character with a Strength score of 4 can smash a single barrel without making a roll, but he cannot smash a hundred barrels without tiring out an/or injuring himself.

Strength Rating/Feat/Maximum Lift (pounds)

  0 Tear a piece of parchment, lift 10 pounds   1 Rip a shirt, lift 40 pounds   2 Smash a chair, lift 100 pounds   3 Kick through a wattle wall, lift 250 pounds   4 Smash a barrel, lift 400 pounds   5 Overturn a laden cart, lift 650 pounds   6 Rip chain mail, lift 800 pounds   7 Bend a one-inch thick iron bar, lift 900 pounds   8 Lift a horse, lift 1000 pounds   9 Punch through a palisade, lift 1200 pounds   10 Lift a laden cart, lift 1500 pounds   11 Lift a portcullis, lift 2000 pounds   12 Break a small tree, lift 3000 pounds   13 Lift a siege engine, lift 4000 pounds   14 Punch through a stone wall, lift 5000 pounds   15 Topple a castle wall, lift 6000 pounds

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