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hybrid elementals

The rare hybrid elementals generally behave like common elementals though they tend to be more active and random though they are not inherently hostile. While far less common, their origins are near identical to common elementals. They either are summoned by spell casters or they spontaneously arise in the wake of ambient magical energy.   Fire/Air: Lightning Elementals   Fire/Water: Steam Elementals   Water/Air: Hail Elementals   Water/Earth: Ooze Elementals   Earth/Fire: Magma Elementals   Earth/Air: Dust Elementals   Hybrid elementals are harder to bind and control than standard elementals, but they are still highly coveted tools of spell-casters because of their power.   Hybrid elementals are usually stronger than common elementals often adopting the best traits of both parent elements. A ooze elemental is roughly as roughly as robust as an earth elemental and roughly as fast and agile as a water elemental.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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