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Clan Mykrrún

During the long villainous life of Dyrik Mykrrún, he recruited many cult followers recruited from his rune casting apprentices, psychological brainwashed lovers, bastard children, and random psychopaths that he opted to bring up into the fold.   Dyrik recruited new members in his cult of personality both before and after he was outed as a skin changer witch, if anything he recruited more aggressively after being outed. Dyrik Mykrrún was essentially a living god to his followers.   After his death, most of his followers stayed together to act in his name. They continue to kill and eat dwarves and orcs and increase their physical and magic power. They hope to ressurect their fallen leader (though they say he's not truly dead).


The clan is depraved perversion of a dwarf clan rife with cannibalism and incest and all the psychological and spiritual problems that entails.   The psuedo-family unit is united by a combination of tradition and deference to elders as well as web of semi-ritualized treachery and deceit.   What has kept the clan from figuratively and literally eating itself is that most of the members operate alone or in very small groups and only gather together at infrequent intervals.
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Secret, Occult
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