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Attribute Descriptions


  Strength is a character’s innate muscle power, governing how much he can lift and how hard he can hit.   ● Poor: You can lift about 40 lbs.   ●● Average: You can lift about 100 lbs.   ●●● Good: You can lift about 250 lbs.   ●●●● Exceptional: You can lift about 400 lbs.   ●●●●● Outstanding: You lift about 650 lbs. You routinely break the bones of (and otherwise intimidate) anyone who gets in your way.      


  Dexterity covers the qualities of physical prowess apart from strength including such things as speed, agility, balance, and coordination. The ability to hit things at a distance and move gracefully depend on Dexterity.   ● Poor: You are always awkward and often clumsy   ●● Average: You get through life without too many embarrassing accidents.   ●●● Good: You move with notable grace, and you do well at the athletic efforts that attract your interest.   ●●●● Exceptional: You could be a world class dancer, acrobat or thief.   ●●●●● Outstanding: You have the agility of a jungle cat.      


  Stamina covers a characters endurance and physical robustness.   ● Poor: Your existence is a parade of minor (and major) miseries. You get sick easily and heal slowly.   ●● Average: You are average health and regularly put in a good day’s work.   ●●● Good: You seldom succumb to illness. You can regularly put in a good day’s work then stay up late drinking at the taverns without missing a beat the next day.   ●●●● Exceptional: Whether engaging in a long march with no food or water or sneering in the face of your torturers, you keep going in the face of your challenges.   ●●●●● Outstanding: Minstrels and storytellers tell tales about your godlike endurance.      


  Appearance demonstrates your character’s physical attractiveness and strength of presence.   ● Poor: You are ugly by the standards of your society and many others.   ●● Average: You look inconspicuous which is sometimes a good thing.   ●●● Good: You attract favorable attention almost everywhere you go.   ●●●● Exceptional: You stand out in nearly every crowd, for good or ill.   ●●●●● Outstanding: People routinely look at you with slack jawed awe.      


  Charisma is the mysterious quality that lets one person impress or please another with his force of personality winning other’s trust and sympathy.   ● Poor: Even your best moments contain many minor gaffes.   ●● Average: You seldom give unintended offense, and you enjoy reasonable social standing among your peers and neighbors.   ●●● Good: People trust you and enjoy your company without always realizing how much of your outlook they’re adopting.   ●●●● Exceptional: You naturally lead whatever group you are in.   ●●●●● Outstanding: You project the confidence of the blessed.      


  Manipulation is the process of expressing oneself to get others to side agree in the moment. This is not innately dishonest, a person can use rhetorical tricks in the service of a cause he genuinely believes in.   ● Poor: You have a hard time sounding sincere even when you are telling the truth.   ●● Average: You can persuade or be persuaded about as easily as anyone else.   ●●● Good: You are accustomed to getting your way.   ●●●● Exceptional: People go out of their way to help you, then thank you for the privilege.   ●●●●● Outstanding: Your words move all who hear them to your cause.      


  Intelligence is your ability to learn facts and knowledge and recollect them when needed. This also covers your ability to solve problems and use logic to analyze problems.   ● Poor: If you are not a halfwit; surely you have less than one full wit.   ●● Average: Smart enough to realize that you’re normal.   ●●● Good: You are insightful and count on making sense of many mysteries.   ●●●● Exceptional: You learn much, forget little, and routinely make innovations in your chosen field.   ●●●●● Outstanding: Your wisdom is the stuff of legends.      


  Perception is the ability to accurately sense one’s environment. It combines acute senses with an intuitive grasp of what is details are important without needing to pause for detailed analysis.   ● Poor: You may be bright but self-absorbed, or you are simply inattentive.   ●● Average: Subtlety eludes you, but you don’t miss the obvious, and you can do all right with the obscure if you have time and good circumstances.   ●●● Good: You are aware of your environment in significant detail without having to strain at it.   ●●●● Exceptional: Little can be hidden from you when you choose to find it. You see all things clearly.   ●●●●● Outstanding: The book of the world opens every page to you.      


  Wits is the capacity for quick thinking, a rapid response based on available information and survival instinct.   ● Poor: Your jokes fall flat and you are the last to notice.   ●● Average: You get through life without too many unpleasant surprises.   ●●● Good: You are quick on the uptake and often get the best of others when speed is essential.   ●●●● Exceptional: You’re the one who makes everyone else think “I wish I thought of that.”   ●●●●● Outstanding: You have an appropriate response for every situation.

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