Attribute Damage

Certain supernatural effects or poisons cause what is called Attribute Damage instead of or in addition to normal damage.   If a character loses dots of attributes (or permanent Willpower) to a spell or magical effect, lost attributes can be automatically regained at a point of one per day of bed rest.   Characters driven to zero Willpower fall into a coma. After a day, they wake up restored to Willpower 1.   In most cases, characters take physical attribute damage, social attribute damage, or mental attribute damage. The player of the character decides which attribute or attribute takes the damage.   Characters can get zero in any attribute without any additional penalties beyond very low dice rolls. If a character has zero in all attributes in one category and then takes a level of attribute damage in this category, the character dies.   Characters can regain attributes at the same rate while staying active by rolling Stamina difficulty 6 to regain physical attributes or they can Willpower difficulty 7 to regain mental or social attribute damage. If the character is performing strenuous tasks during recovery, raise the recovery difficulty by +1 to Stamina difficulty 7, and Willpower difficulty 8.   Attribute damage can be healed magically with Healing ●●●●.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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