Session 1: Saving Barry

General Summary

One evening, Balor had one more small job for Finnbar Gray. It should be a routine job. Break in to a warehouse, get the items from the box that in black letters said "Aerin Gilrie". Quick and easy, In, out, 5 minutes and a good reward. Gray was always up for these type of jobs, so without to many questions agreed to make his way over to the warehouse. But this job turned out to be nothing he had done before, the moment he entered the warehouse he got swarmed by multiple Orc guards. It was a set-up. The next thing Gray knew, he woke up in a small stinking prison cell inside the city of Orgrimmar. Being stripped from all of his weapons.   As Gray wakes up he blinks a few times, as he does so he sees this big massive bull like face hanging over him. Gray quickly gets up and moves away from the face. This sudden movement seemed to have scared the big bull maybe even more. as he moves backwards quickly. Gray sees that this bull is locked up inside a prison that is beside the prison he found himself in. He sees that these two prisons were only split by a barbed fence.   The big bull then speaks to Gray and says:"hello, sorry to scare you there, i was just checking if you were alive. My name is Barry Longhorn. You took quite a beating too, what did you do to get in here he then asked to Gray. Gray responded that he got arrested after a setup during a warehouse break-in. When Gray asked Barry what he did to get in here, he just started sobbing. Their short conversation then got stopped by a patrolling prison guard that came by to check if they "behaving themselves" and to have a bit of a sadistic laugh at there miserable situation. Gray acted a bit cocky against the guard, who clearly did not a approve of this behaviour. But after a short time he did leave to continue his patrol route.   Gray came up with the great idea, Barry would have to make a big distraction. This in an attempt to lure the guard closer. The moment he came close Barry would then grab the guard in a tight hold so that Gray could try to steal the keys of from the guard. Barry somewhat hesitant agreed on this plan and on the next patrol Barry gave it his all, the plan however did not go as planned, the guard got really mad at Barry and called out for assistance. decided he needed to have some time in the "experiment room" the guard came back with 5 other guards and they dragged the big Tauren out of his cell and out of vision of Gray.   Okay, that went terrible Gray thought to himself, time to come up with a new plan. Gray looked around the room, not much here. He noticed a dead rat, hmm that might come of use he thought. He kicked the rat half under the bed and waited for the guard to come by again. The moment the guard showed Gray complained to him about his room. how the bad was hard and the food was terrible. The guard seemingly annoyed tried to snarl it away. Gray however kept going, he mentioned the worst part was the dead rat in the room. The guard glanced around and said there was no rat in the room. Gray said there was, you could see his tail underneath the bed. the guard moved closer to have a better look. Gray used this moment of distraction to place 1 step forward and sneak the key-ring of the guard. After the guard saw the rat he said, oh you indeed are a lucky one, you have some fresh food in your room. He then proceeded his patrol again.     Gray waited for the guard to leave and then opened his cell door and sneaked his way through the prison. scouting out where the guards were. in a room on the side Gray then saw 1 of his weapons on top of one of the crates. There was a guard sitting very nearby, but he appeared to be sleeping. Gray knew his weapons would be of good use later and decided to go for it. he sneaked up to the crate and took his hammer back. he then moved over to a small office that was next to this room where he saw his two daggers on top of a table. Gray proceeded through the prison, as silent as he could, trying not to get the attention of any of these guards. He came to an quite open room with a large table in the middle of it. on top of this table was Grays backpack. Finnbar moved up to the table and picked up the Backpack. Suddenly Finnbar heard one guard getting close to the room he was in. He quickly decided to hide under the table, however this table was a bit smaller then he thought at first and he ended up having his feet and ass sticking out from underneath the table. The guard clearly noticed this and walked over to him asking in a angry sounding voice who he was and that he should come out from underneath the table. Finnbar seeing no other option then to bring out the big guns, he went with his best impression of a cleaning lady and said "oh sorry dear, I am just a cleaning lady, i noticed that underneath this table needed some extra cleaning, don't mind me. The guard bought in to it, as he turned around and proceeded his patrol. Orcs where not known to be the brightest tools in the shed, but that they were stupid enough to believe this came as a unexpected surprise to finnbar too. Finnbar saw from underneath the table that there was a stairway going down right next to this room. that is probably where they keep Barry he thought to himself, i have to go there to save him. As he proceeded his way towards and down the stairs.     Coming into this dungeon of the prison, he could already hear Barry make screams of pain that gave him shivers down his bones. Unknowing who would be down here besides the screaming Tauren, Barry carefully continued his way through this room. He decided to check in one of the small rooms on the side. He picked up some bones that found in that room, judging by the size of it human. Barry's screams became louder. Gray peaked around a corner to see if he could see what was causing Barry these screams. peaking around the corner he saw a very bad, mean looking orc nearby a torture machine that was stretching Barry up to a size even bigger then his current form. However this orc spotted Gray as well and rushed straight at him. After a short battle The torturer was defeated, however Barry was still being stretched up more and more. Gray had to stop this machine and he had to do so quickly. Gray decided to push the human bone he picked up into the rotating cogwheels. It worked, with the cogwheels coming to a stoppage the stretching stopped to. He then managed to free Barry from this machine. However they were still in the torture room of a orc prison.   Gray and Barry went back up the stairs, in an attempt to make it to the exit. they moved through the room with the table where Gray posed as a cleaning lady earlier. and waited at the top of a set of stairs. They saw a patrol at the bottom of the stairs making his rounds. The guard went into a room right opposite of the two. They however decided to not hide for whenever he would exit the room. As the guard exited the room he looked straight at the two of them. He directly sounded the alarm, this caused all the other guards to make their way over towards the location as well. They were still quite a bit away so there was some time. Finnbar being wounded from the fight with the torture decided it would be best to be on the backside of this fight. So he threw down his ball-bearings right in front of Barry and hid around the corner. The Tauren somewhat carefully to not trip over the just thrown ball-bearings rushed at the guard down the stairs. slamming him straight back into room he exited earlier and knocking him unconscious. finnbar rushed down the stairs too, asking to himself why he threw the ball-bearings right down the path they needed to walk over themselves. They made a B-line to the exit of the prison as they could feel the prison guards chasing them. They managed to open the door and make there way into the woods.
Report Date
27 Oct 2021


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