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The Holy Dark

"These things you say are true, dear Calea, but I do not share fear of them. In my home, beyond the Vale, we believe in a time before the first light, before the sun, before the storms of war and the screams of want. Then it was dark; then, it was quiet; then, it was peaceful. If such a time returns, I welcome it. Living or dead".

--The Ard Ri of Medullica, Lascius Ard Ri, to the Carowyd Custodian Calea Cor before Lascius' execution at Caltys, Arendyrwyd in 413 BBE.

  The zeitgeist of many a tall tale and parable throughout the peoples of K'thiir and Avernus, alike, holds true a certain asservation that there was a time before time, a world before the Story of the Storyteller came to the world at all. Before the solar light of the eye of the Storyteller opened and, as the Erini say, the Story began, there may have been people and lives, but if there were civilizations in this time, referred to as the Age of the Eclipse, they have left no ruins. Perhaps, as the calignostologists say, the days of the Holy Dark required no walls, and the people who lived within them needed homes without any study foundations, for the peace and dark of the Evernight spread to domains sociological as well as visual.   This following holds true no tenets, but it does hold an antagonism towards the Story and Storyteller, for one simple reason. If there is a Story, it requires great conflict, such as war, death, loss, strife; and it requires a great end, such as catastrophe, apocalypse, plague, or societal destruction. These things, as pieces of a Story, would not be present in a quiet and dark world before said Story.


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