pit fiend general of the fourth plane of hell

I am also called the seeker, the seer, the finder of all things. I know you seek many things. I can locate them. You seek the wizard, the kiss and I will grant you other other thing. 3 things I will find, for all eternity, if you lose them, again I will find them. This, with protection for you loved ones when I do walk the streets of Neverwinter and protection for your city. I seek to put the bubble back, encase the area, protect it from the demons below, I care not if the city remains or is destroyed. The gnolls have already come, the cults are there, the summoning have begun. I need the sword to finish the demons once and for all to end their play for this world. This world is too valuable to let fall into their hands. I see you are worried about the sword, I will only use it on demons. I am only as good as my word. I can draw up the contract now.
  Gazra the pit fiend is a general and commander of the hamatulas. Gazra is the consort of Fierna and jealous and hateful toward Belial, but keeps those feelings well hidden.   Gazra is the general of Phlegethos' armies which are primarily composed of Hamatulas.   Gazra controls the entire front of Phlegethos.


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