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Currency, Exchange, and Prices in The City of Brass

Looking to buy something traveler? The City of Brass has it all, do you have the coin to pay? What do you mean you have no Brass Pieces? Well, standard conversion is 1 BP to 5 GP, but the city officials will ask what you are doing and make you buy a licence for the purchase at the cost of 10% and a weeks time! Tell you what, I can offer you this right now with an exchange fee of only 20%. What is it you Primes say, time is money?


The main (and only, in the case of the bazaars) currency accepted in The City of Brass is Brass Pieces. Brass Pieces are minted inside the The Minter's House. The minting process uses brass, magic and souls to create the animation of the profile of the veiled Sultan of Efreet upon one side and an image of the city as seen from the Kubri Al Azim wreathed in flames that seem to swirl and flicker when viewed on the other. Seeing a city money changer costs between 2 and 15% [Charisma (ANY) check DC 20, each point over lowers it by 1%] Exchanging more than 5,0000 GP (1,000 BP) per day will invoke a tax of 10% and a waiting period of one week for the exchange to process, most merchants will look the other way and accept gold for a 20% increase in price.


One Brass Piece is equal to five Gold Piece


Anything thing can be found in the many bazaars of the city of the Genie. Mundane items are regularly priced and haggling is often not worth the savings. Exotic items, such as pets, foods and spices, or other suitably rarities are double the going rate, negotiable.   Other than cold based magic, any item may be found in a days trip to the bazaars. Magical Items are priced as followed, negotiable.    
Rarity Cost
Common 20 BP
Uncommon 120 BP
Rare 8,000 BP
Very rare 20,000 BP
Legendary 60,000 BP


Prices may be negotiated by haggling with the merchant, It is a contested roll vs the merhcants +14 insight.


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