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Castes of the Consortium

The Caste system was created during The Fall to preserve what was left of humanity after the wars with the Precursors. Though this need has long passed, the system still remains.  
  1. The Board are representatives of each major Consortium member, creating the circle of power that rules the Consortium.
  2. Mands are the highest caste, and the only members of society eligible for election to the Board. Though hereditary, one must do a service to the Consortium and be sponsored to move into the Mand caste. Those that have not proven their worth are consigned to the Nep Caste.
  3. Neps are the Caste of those ambitious to join the Mands, or the indolent rich, sustained only by their relations to their more successful relatives.
  4. The Executive Caste handles the day-to-day functioning of the various Consortium members, handling vast wealth in the Conglomerates they control.
  5. Admins and Businessmen occupy the same caste, though serve different functions. Admins answer to Executives, handling those mundanities that the Execs can't be bothered with, while Businessmen have carved out their own power in spaces where the massive Conglomerates do not service.
  6. Professionals are the middle class of the Consortium, serving a variety of purposes for the companies and conglomerates, and it is one of the most stratified castes in the system, with those with specialized talents rising to the top of the Professional Caste, and those with more standard skills falling to the bottom, barely indistinguishable from the Worker class. An example of this are Actors who are considered Artisan class- near the top of the professional class.
  7. Workers are the lower class, unskilled laborers of the Consortium, performing the drudgery to keep the rest of the machinery working.
  8. Proles are those that are indolent- unable to work through defect of body, mind, or character. If there is an issue with the Social Police taken to the level of actually being filed, an individual can be lasered, and though of sound body and mind, deemed unfit of character to work. They are supposedly given basic sustenance rations and housing, but these rarely rise to the level of sustaining need, especially as so many of them have other needs.


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