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Zenith Heritage Building {WASC 2021}

An office building that servers as a front for The Keepers of the Forsaken Past, an evil organization who serves of antagonists for Novel: Dragon and Phoenix.   The Zenith heritage building is located north east of the central district within a krona, the reborn city.   The Zenith building is considered one of the modern marvels of the city. It is a skyscraper that is one of the tallest in the city and has a unobstructed view of the central diamond area. It's companion building, the Zenith convention center is across the street. These two buildings with in the Zenith complex are the cultural center of the city, and often the first impression given to those visiting the capital city.   The building itself has multiple purposes. The building has a combination hotel and office. Many of the floors near the ground are for the hotel. With many floors dedicated to providing rooms for those visiting the convention center. The middle portions of the skyscraper are shared with the hotel room along the edges of the floor, while the central portions of the floor are filled with offices. The uppermost floors of the Zenith building, traditionally reserved for C-level employees and the conference rooms have the entire floor to allow them to enjoy the view of the city unobstructed.   The Zenith Corporation, who owns and manages the buildings within this complex, own many properties within and around the city of acrona. They are viewed as a publicly traded company that focuses on land management, construction, and real estate investments. They sometimes function as a venture capitalist providing funding for potential new products for the consumers and small businesses.   The internal core of the offices that do not have access to daylight serve as good security for research and development officers that have no need for the sunlight. Being hidden from the world by a ring of hotel suites does provide a bit of security. However it is not relied upon as it is unknown who may be in those hotel rooms and could use the proximity to infiltrate the research and development areas of the Zenith building.


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