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The Barracuda of the Great Haraq Delta {WASC 2021}

The largest of the barracuda species are those found in the Great Haraq Delta.  


The Haraq Barracuda is found primarily in the brackish waters of the Great Haraq Delta where the Yashkur River and the Tajawaz Expanse meet.


The Discovery

The Yamshi Clan of nomadic herders were the first group to permanently settle the lands upstream from the Great Haraq Delta. They were drawn to the lush grasses that grew along the banks of the rivers and throughout the delta. Through exploration, they found other grasses and grains that had adapted to the harsh desert conditions. As the settlements became more permanant, youth from the tribe began to explore the surroundig areas. One of the discovereries within the delta was the large barracuda that swam in the brakish waters.


Economic Impact

The discovery of the barracuda and other fish within the delta diversified the economic output of the clan. A suble transformation came amoung those who were willing to trade a life of cattle and shepherding for fishing. This lead to settling the outer parts of the delta where shipyards and docks were eventually constructed. Soon the settlement grew through the trading of imports for and exports from local Yamshi.


Cultural Impact

The Barracuda's natural toxins and aggressive scavenger nature were difficult for fisherman to compensate for. While the barracuda was a good fish and provided plenty of meat, some felt they were not worth the difficulties in catching and preparring for market.

One group that fully appreciated the ferocity of the fish was the developing navy of sailors and marines that protect the fisherman on the waters and the merchants on land. The barracuda became the symbol of these fighting forces.


Meta Notes

  • Yamshi Clan: The nomadic herders who were the first group to permanently settle the lands upstream from the Great Haraq Delta. Etymology: Arabic for "Walk"
  • Yashkur River: The largest and most prominant river winding through the semi-arid deserts of the Haraq continent. The word "Yashkur" is derived from the Arabic word for "gratitude."
  • Tajawaz Expanse:, the large ocean north of the continent


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