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The Game of Flowers

A political game from the Azure Republic using flowers to denote allegiance, emotions, and actions.


When Fleur Starfall and her brother Cassidy found a flower girl desperately attempting to sell to a populace that ignored her. Heartbroken Fleur rushed to her home to get a coin but by the time she had returned the girl was gone. Resolving to help the flower girl and all other poor children Fleur and Cassidy attempted to improve the prominence of flowers among those with wealth. Using their family as examples they began placing flowers on key individuals for differing positions and parties. The Scholarly party of representatives soon came to be known for wearing Hydrangea while the Tradesmen wore Peony. Soon all the other factions began wearing flowers to denote their political stance while common citizens wore their affiliation to promote their party. The Starfall twins began subtly encouraging members of society and rank to purchase flowers from children to "bring luck" and within a year many of the poor had been hired on by the Starfall Florists to sell flowers on street corners.


The major political parties each have a flower representing their affiliation:

  • Scholars: Hydrangea
  • Tradesmen: Peony
  • Merchants: Alstroemeria
  • Farmers: Gladiolus
  • Faithful: Iris
Beyond the initial flowers politicians began using various flowers for their positions and status among the party. New senators would wear a daisy along with their factions flower while those who were conflicted would wear columbine to show they were open to convincing. Soon an entire story could be told with what was worn or given and everyone began buying and growing flowers.   Flower Arrangements became another way to express your feelings to another person. The practice started with a political leader who had given an arrangement to an fellow senator to shame the senator who had been seen to be too closely associating with a rival. Since then lives have been saved and ended with the right flowers given.

Components and tools

Flowers and their vases each have specific meanings and connotations. Depending on how and where a flower is worn also will influence the impression given.


The majority of the Game of Flowers is done mostly in the Azure Republic's Senate many members of the Republic wear a flower on their person to denote either their profession or a political affliction.


While almost entirely found in the Azure Republic the idea and usage of flowers and their meanings have spread across the world with various courts using the Game of Flowers in some form. The idea of buying flowers from a child being a sign of good luck also originated from this ritual.

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