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Fleur Starfall

Fleur Starfall (a.k.a. Flowers)

Physical Description

Body Features

With short brown hair that reaches just to her ears which are slightly pointed her mixed heritage gives her an androgynous look that can easily pass as a feminine male if she applies the right stance or expression. She will often use this ability to target her client's perceived interest and favor either the masculine or feminine depending on their taste.

Facial Features

Fleur has elf like features but is not easily recognizable for being half-elf and is often mistaken for fully human.

Physical quirks

When relaxed and not attempting to sell or coerce anyone she often will have a smirk on her face as if she is aware of a joke no one can see.

Apparel & Accessories

Fleur will wear all manner of clothing depending on what she intends to sell and whom she is selling it to. Adapt at wearing dresses and pants she carries plenty of accessories but only uses them to make herself look rich when she wants to, when not selling Fleur takes to wearing travel cloths that allow for freedom of movement.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Azure Republic to one of the more conflicted families her Grandmother was one of the founders of the Azure Republic. With her family deeply rooted in politics it was no surprise Fleur and her brother were trained to be diplomats and senators from a young age. What was a surprise was their fierce business acumen as they started selling flowers for fun and profit only to turn it into a business hiring street urchins to give out flowers to specific members of the senate. By the time the twins had become adults they had changed the way the city used flowers creating a political game using the language of flowers and cornering the market. Leaving the business to a cousin and joining the Bluewheel Company.


Fleur was tutored in advanced education and diplomacy.


Fleur was co-owner of the Starfall Florists until she gave the company to her cousin. Today she is co-head of sales for the Bluewheel Company alongside her brother.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founder and co-owner of the Starfall Florists.
Creator of the the Game of Flowers

Mental Trauma

Fleur was greatly hurt emotionally by her Great Grandmother's family who, though related will have nothing to do with her. She was also deeply saddened by the sight of poor children begging for food.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kind, Humble, Cunning, Generous

Morality & Philosophy

Having seen the worst of nobility from her elders who treated her as lesser for having human blood she has found wealth to be both a weapon and burden upon those who obsess over it.


Fleur will not willingly cheat or swindle from someone who is poor or a child.

Personality Characteristics


Help her friends and family, support her home, and earn as much gold as she can take from the wealthy.

Likes & Dislikes

Fleur likes children, family, flowers, and gold. Fleur hates greed, prejudice, poverty, and suffering.

Virtues & Personality perks

Fleur is charitable, eloquent, and humble. She is naturally androgynous and can pass for a feminine male.

Vices & Personality flaws

Fleur is cunning and ruthless to those she deems as prejudiced or avaricious.


Fleur likes to keep herself clean more out of habit and salesmanship than anything else. She will only wear perfumes or colones if the job requires it otherwise she will keep herself clean but unscented.


Family Ties

Fleur is the twin sister to Cassidy. Originally from the Azure Republic she has blood ties to a former noble elf bloodline that was split due to conflict between the formation of the Republic. On one side is a hero of the republic and on the other are some of the worst villains who were spared due to the heroes kindness. While she gets along with the younger elfs and humans in her family the older elfs are cold and distant.

Social Aptitude

Fleur is down to earth and treats the Bluewheel Company with kindness and is protective of her crew. She i known to be very positive most of the time and seems to have too much humility as she doesn't mind being addressed as by her team by her nickname.

Wealth & Financial state

Fleur has amassed a large amount of wealth from working within the Bluewheel Company but has funneled most of her riches to support the ongoing war between the Republic and the Kingdom of Scarlett.

Chaotic Good
Half Elf
The Azure Republic
Biological Sex
144 lbs
Aligned Organization
Bluewheel Company

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