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The Convocation of Law

Purpose / Function

The Convocation of Law is the ceremonial building where all laws and declarations are crafted for the Republic of Man. Only the Rex Humana, elected leader of the republic can oppose such laws and declarations. The building also serves as a meeting ground for those who wish to meet with the senators in hopes of influencing what rules and words are spoken within the halls.


The exterior of the Convocation of Law features brick-faced concrete with a large buttress at each angle a single flight of steps leads up to the bronze door. Insider are three broad steps that are fitted with rows of chairs arranged surrounding the center of the building left bare.


When the fourth Rex Humane, Rex Regulus convinced the Senate to move the capitol to Gedros a new building to house senate was commissioned. As the builders were hired, stones were carried in, and sculptors began to carve out the lavish building a temporary residence had to be used. After purchasing a theater in the heart of the city the furnishings were removed and seats were gathered to hold the senators and various citizens who watched as laws were debated and passed.   With the war of the guilds in Galenyrae much of the resources needed to build the new senate building were delayed and the temporary building was fashioned with more amenities including better seats for senators and various artwork that were purchased. Eventually the temporary building became known as the Convocation of Law, for it was the heart of all law within the republic. By the time the guild war had ended and the intended building was crafted no senator wished to move to the new building as it was built on the edge of the city away from the people and the local amenities. The new building became the college of arts and the Convocation of Law remained the home of the senate to this day.

Alternative Names
The senators assembly, den of vipers, and the heart of mankind
Government complex

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