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It is the largest city within the Republic of Man, more than twice the size of the capitol Gedros. With well over one hundred thousand residents. Some have called it “The City of Functionaries” considering the staggering amount of paperwork that flows to and from the city. It is the center of trade throughout the entirety of Gedic as well as the main port for many foreign nations.


Being a port town and center of commerce for the entire country Galenyrae has the most interactions with the most races. This has led to many of the cross-breed races and those born between the two more likely to be acknowledged and accepted. Even with the scars of the Expansion War was still healing Galenyrae has the best relations to all but the most isolationist of communities.

46% Human
21% Halfling
12% Half-Elf
11% Half-Orc
10% Other


As part of the Republic of Man that spans across the county of Gedic. Each large city-state is established as a principality that elects Senators who in turn elect the leader or Rex Humane for the next five years. Each city-state elects a senator who in turn will travel to the Capitol to oversee law and order. They empower magistrates to travel and enforce these laws and in turn the Reign flourishes. The current Senator of Galenyrae is Avernus Crarasma.


As the senator is only around half the year the duties of managing the city fall to the Governor who is elected every five years. The current Governor Johan Mone has been Governor for 32 years and delegates most of his responsibility to his deputies he has hired. Each deputy is in charge of a district and that deputy uses the magistrates as well as clerks to deal with law and order.


Besides the government the Guilds hold enough power that anything business related (and a few laws specific to the Guild) are managed by the Guild Hall of each profession. After the War of Guilds many professions were combined under various major guilds including a few professions that had nothing to do with the Guild that took control. Regardless the Guilds routinely work with each other to bolster their profits and protect their people. There is some fighting among the guilds but this has recently been redirected to various sports as a means to convert anger into less leathal resolutions.

Industry & Trade

While not the center of the country due to the rivers that flow to and round the city all other principalities sell and trade through Galenyrae. Being a popular port town there is also a large number of foreign traders who introduce exotic resources and other avenues for gold to flow.


Each district in the city has a Magistrate Barracks, Cemetery, Religious Temples to one or more faiths, Guild Houses, Shops, Stables, Taverns, and Wells. Depending on the district there are better and more varied buildings as well as specialized locations.

Guilds and Factions

Unlike most cities the guilds here are large enough to hold individual voices and do not need to unify to have their concerns heard. Instead each Guild has it's own voice and opinion on most of the cities day to day issues and is given as much weight as most other factions.


  • Alchemist and Arcanists
  • Craftsmen and Masons
  • Butchers and Farmers
  • The Clockwork Guild
  • Sailors
  • Clerks and Scholars

Other Factions

  • The Faiths of Light
  • The Guardsmen
  • The District Deputies


The second leader of mankind was Ceconas. He commissioned the port city of Galenyrae to function as the heart of the nation. As the port grew it soon became obvious that the location was perfect for the city, with the rivers reaching throughout the continent the other cities within the Republic of Man used boats and barges to ship goods up and down river to and from Galenyrae. Within no time at all the small port had grown into a large city and after that a bustling metropolis.


It was in this city that Ceconas created the system of government that would eventually become the Senate. Wishing to keep the Rex Humana and magistrates in check he did not like the thought of one man ruling over so many, instead he spread the duties of rulership to the Senate and the magistrates making the Rex Humana able to wield great power but unable to become a tyrant. Every five years Ceconas stepped down only to be elected two more times.


Galenyrae was the first city to establish a guild and recognize the power of the craftsmen. As the merchants of the city grew so too did the number of guilds. For a time there was even a war among the guilds as they vied for power over the Senate. Within the streets three factions arose, the Merchant Princes who sought power over the people and the laws, the Enterprise of Guilders who sought greater profits and weaker laws, and the Union of Men who sought better protections over workers. The fourth Rex Humana Regulus battled with the guilds but this only served to solidify the Merchant Princes and Guilders against the Humana Rex. The two factions joined to turn the Senate to their rule and strip the powers of Rex Humana away. For a time no merchant sold their wares as the guilds attempted to take power for themselves but Rex Regulus managed to convince the Senate to move the capitol to Gedros. The city was a closer to all other cities and separated the Senate from the issues of wealth and commerce, with many of the Senators beset by the cries of cities populace the majority voted in favor and the level from which the Guilds had bent the Republic suddenly vanished. The War of the Guilds eventually ended with the assassination of several guildmasters with the Senate gone what guilds that survived the coup compromised with Rex Regulus. But while the capitol Gedros grew it could not match Galenyrae. To this day the Guild hold a strong presence within the city though not as strong as it once held.

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