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Commonly used by halflings as beasts of burden the Corgiants were originally a smaller breed of herding dogs for halflings. As more halflings began working for and with humans experiments were made to breed larger dogs with the loyalty and intelligence of the halfling dogs. After some arcane assistance the end result were the Corgiants, a breed of dog larger than the mastiff but smaller than a pony, perfect for domestic use with little to no fear of the dogs killing livestock.

Basic Information


The Corgiant have short legs placing their bodies close to the ground and short coats which are water resistant that shed on average twice a year. While their head is foxlike they are closer to hounds such as the terrier or dachshund.

Growth Rate & Stages

A corgiant newborn puppy will open its eyes after two weeks and continue to grow for almost twenty months. After twenty years the Corgiant will have reached old age and begin to slow down.

Ecology and Habitats

The species is entirely domesticated and can be found primarily in temperate areas of forest and grasslands. While it is possible to bring the breed to more extreme climates thanks to their arcane background they are less likely to flourish and grow.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorus the corgiant is voratious and will eat on upwards of 150-200 pounds of food a day. The breed prefers meats local to their hunt and herding areas along with fish. While they also are able to eat vegetables like carrots, potatoes and cabbage though they will need at least a third of their food to be protein to keep the dog healthy.

Additional Information


Corgiants are entirely domesticated

Average Intelligence

Thanks to the arcane influence these dogs have intelligence similar to a human child

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like other canines the Corgiant have keen senses of smell and hearing.
24 years
Average Height
36 - 48 inches
Average Weight
120lbs - 200lbs
Average Length
30 - 35 inches
Average Physique
Spirited and athletic while their bodies are not made for long distance sprinting they steady and dependable

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