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Whispers of the Void

Whispers are shadowy beings that dwell in the Void. By some, they are believed to be the servants of Vanus that were suppose to guide the dead to the afterlife. After the Crossover and the Great War, there was a rift that was torn, letting in these supernatural creatures. Since then there has been a much different light from which these creatures are viewed. They are not often seen by the naked eye, but there are some that are sensistive to their sinister presence. The Whispers get their name from the near silent only sometimes audible whispers people hear when there is no one else around. They are usually to blame for vile and viscious acts that people may commit. The Whispers are looking for those to feed from and who they may be able to corrupt. Once a whisper finds someone especially susceptible to their influence, ideally a younger host, they stay present with that host at all times. Slowly convincing the young one that the voices from the Whisper is simply the hosts own thoughts. Once this relationship is established, the Whisper consumes more and more of the hosts mind, corrupting and altering the perception of reality. The greater the influence the host has the more Whispers will be attracted to them, for the evil potential they could cause would be significantly greater. To corrupt a simple peasant may harm a family, to corrupt a king or queen, could harm the lives of all spanning kingdoms.
Sons of Dust,
Daughters of Bone
Filled with light,
Precious as stone
Plagued with curse,
Only One can Save

Sons of Dust,
Daughters of Bone
Beware of those
Who wish no atone
For the sake of one's soul,
Seek the One who Saves.


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