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Fye are one of the native Oria of Rysidor. They were once a large and powerful kingdom before the arrival of man, stretching across most of Rysidor. They were known or their war tactics, hand to hand combat and fighting techniques.  


Fye are a fair skinned race with the ability to transform into a drake-like creature. In their sapien form they have an average height is 70" with a a lithe, muscular build. Men tend to be more muscular than women. In their drake form the stand between 3 to 4 feet at the shoulder, 10 to 15 feet in length nose to tail tip. The color of their drake form is based on their natural hair color and their eye color is based on their fire color. In this form, females tend to be the larger of the kind.

Hair Color
Common - black, dark brown or dark gray; uncommon - golden red and red

Eye Color
Common - burnt sienna, golden-brown, golden orange; Uncommon - Red or deep brown/almost black; When they are angered or close to shapeshifting their eyes turn colors based on their fire color; yellow, orange, red, white(uncommon), blue(rare), or violet(rare).

Unique Physical Trait:
They have horns in both forms. The horns are slow growing and grow all through their lives. If they are cut they stop growing. It is a common practice for the individual to cut their horns for certain positions, ranks, and/or jobs.

Unique Abilities
Ability to shapeshift into a drake-kind. Fire Elementals


Saual Mai Kingdom is the old ruling family and kingdom is still known to this day. They are secluded in the Hassn'Saual Mountains since the end of the Great War. They live in the high altitudes of Hassn'Saual Mountains. The have a large lung capacity to handle the high altitude. This also allows for them to breath fire for a longer period of time than their kin who may dwell in lower altitude with smaller lung capacity. They are ruled by the last surviving daughter of their old king, who, for the protection of her people, rules with an iron hand and slight paranoia. Under her rule every pass and entryway up the mountain is either guarded with ambushes or prepared with a trap to block it off. The downside of this is a largely isolationist culture and a people disconnected to what happens in the rest of the world. Being isolationist the culture is very unified and for the betterment of all of the constituents as a whole. It also serves the purpose of determining whether the neighbor is truly willing to serve the queen or is a part of a planned coup as her paranoia is well-known throughout the Kingdom. Many Fye of Saual Mai are quick to show a smile and give a friendly gesture but be deeply distrusting and plot against those around them as a byproduct. There is some suspicion within the kingdom that the queen may be under the influence of at least one Whisper and, as the culture sees no need for Moon Hounds, there is little to no way to determine if the rumors are true.

The Da'gu Cult is more tribal base in their society structured and is starting to become the largest society of Fye. Most are outcasts from the Saual Mai kingdom that hold the belief that if they are to follow their deity, the great dragon, Da'gu they will be healed and reunited with their drake-form and ties to gosamyr. This cult arose after the Great War,as Da'gu is a dark entity that, while hidden from his enemies, has leeched into the minds of the lost to seek a following to do his bidding. His "favored" are the Fye but the cult has a mix of other Oria people. He feasts on the half-breeds that are sacrificed to him. This Cult is found in the eastern side of Hassn'Saual, at the entrance of what is call the Valley of Death where it is believed that Da'gu lives there.

Fyllen: In most of the Fye societies, they have a similar ritual when dealing with outcasts. If someone is outcasted, their horns are cut, sometimes broken off and they have a rune tattooed on their body, usually shoulder, that cuts off their tie to the Gosamyr, preventing them to use gosamyr or shapeshift. Those that do not find themselves a part of the Da'gu Cult often find themselves in kingdoms composed of half-breeds and humans as the only places still willing to accept them. The exceptions become resentful and bitter over their circumstances. These wind up joining small bandit clans that utilize the knowledge of their former kingdom; between battle tactics and living off the land these bandits became shrewd marauders. They adopted much of the technology of observed humans to compensate for their lack of personal ability. They deliberately mark their armor with the same rune that was used to shame them and limit their power. Using it as a tool of fear and influence, many cultures that have been victimized have come to fear the presence of the rune. Their objective is to grow in ranks and influence to overtake the kingdom that spurned them, largely fueling the queen of Saual Mai's paranoia. They've coined the name Fyllen to insult the society that spurned them and give credit to them at the same time for creating a new kind of menace.   Xanthe, Espye:On the island of Espye, there is a wealthy providence of Fye that have gained their wealth in import and exporting, exotic goods and slave trading. Aside from the main square of their city that sits in the lower ring of the city just inside the main gate, outsiders are not welcomed further into the city. This group of Fye uphold the strict beliefs that the Fye are the superior race and the Fye blood should be pure. This belief over the course of generations have led to inbreeding and instability. It is rumored that the current queen and her father, the old king of the Saual Mai Kingdom, were a part of the same bloodline but refused to continue such practice.
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Their language lexicon is very flowing in script and contains 26 letters. While it is still used by most Fye, it is the precursor to the common tongue that most countries now use.

Personality and Beliefs

Common Demeanor
Fye are known for their temper, hotheadedness and their passion.They are quick to speak and quick to anger and are absolute on a lot of what they stand for.  
Commonly Held Beliefs
It is widely accepted that the Fye followed the deity, Novis. They believe that they are descendants from Novis and Aelia. They get their passions from Aelia and their ability to manipulate fire and shapeshift into a dragon like creature, drake, from Novis. Novis being their great deity, being above them, they were not gifted the ability of flight.


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