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The Golden Age of the Atarsid Isles

The Ages are not understood in the Atarsid Isles as they are in much else of the known world. This book is however concerned with the Age of Blood, or the Age of Elementals, as broadly the Ages are the same time period. The ritual at Kirthlath tore a veil between planes, this did not exclude the Atarsid Isles. Elemental chaos was brought to all their shoars, as elder elementals and their servants battled over the Isles. For two hundred years the peoples of the Isle were subject to the battles between elementals, before the elementals exhausted their forces against each other and the people of the Isles ceased and took control of the planar portals. With the portals under their control the peoples of the Isles prospered like none throughout the known world during this Age, they grew rich off trade and obtained goods with virtually no paral on the prime material. All progress and prosperity was brought to a grinding halt when the Age of Blood was brought to an end, and the Isles, desablised and lost, fell into a dark age.

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