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The Draconians are not a race or ethnicity of people, instead they are the monstrosities. Draconians are a group of monstrous creatures created as a result of the Dracoplague, a powerful spell cast by the Aen Selath (powerful mages) of the Elventine Empire at the end of the Age of Titans. The spell fundamentally altered the physiology of dragons, dragonborn, half-dragons, and lizardfolk, reducing them to violent, rage-filled beasts. The Draconians are seen as a product of ethnic cleansing and genocide, and are viewed with malice and revulsion by most races in Runetalras.  


The Draconians were created at the end of the Age of Titans though the Dracoplague, an immensely powerful spell enacted by the Aen Selath (powerful mages) of the Elventine Empire. The Dracoplague haunts all of Dragon kind, reducing them to more beastial creatures of violence and rage, and fundamentally altered their physiology. The disease affected more than just dragons, with sections of the Dragonborn, half-dragons, and lizardfolk populations transformed into the Draconians.  


Draconians have a variety of appearances, depending on what type of dragonkin they were before the transformation. Their bodies are covered in scales, they have elongated snouts and sharp teeth, and their eyes are often a menacing red, yellow, or orange. They possess tails and claws. They can also have a series of spines or ridges running along their backs, which can vary in size and shape depending on the type of dragonkin they were before.  


Draconians are not known for building or creating, but instead are known for their destructive nature. They tend to settle in ruins, either ancient or ones they have created themselves, and live in warbands that pillage the surrounding areas until they are forced to move on and wreak havoc elsewhere.  


The society of the Draconians is a brutal and violent one, as they are creatures who have been stripped of much of their intellect and wit by the Dracoplague. They are capable of understanding language, but most communicate without language.   Draconians live in warbands, which are led by the strongest and most ruthless of their kind. These warbands are nomadic and settle in ruins, some ancient and others of their own making, where they live and pillage the surrounding areas until they are forced to move on and wreak havoc somewhere else.   Due to their violent nature and lack of intelligence, Draconians have little in the way of culture or tradition. They are primarily focused on survival and the acquisition of resources, such as food and treasure. They are known to be very territorial and will fiercely defend their territory from any perceived threat.   Draconians have little concept of morality, they are not inherently evil, but their nature is violent and destructive. They are seen as a menace by most civilized races and are often hunted down and killed on sight. Some individuals or groups have tried to civilize them or domesticate them, but these attempts have often ended in failure and tragedy.  


Draconians reproduce much like their Dragonborn and Lizardfolk counterparts, through the laying of eggs which produce more draconians. Draconians can also be born of Dragonborn, half-dragon, and Lizardfolk eggs, a sign of the lingering effects of the Dracoplague, usually these creatures are killed or abandoned once their nature is clear.

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