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The Athenaeum is one of the most renowned institutions of learning and research in the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. It is a vast complex of buildings and facilities dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in various fields, including astrology, abjuration, alchemy, and many others. Founded by King Darius of the Gilded Kingdom in 1782: Conquest, the Athenaeum has a long and rich history. Over the centuries, it has become a hub of activity for scholars, researchers, and scientists who come from all over the world to learn, share, and expand their knowledge.   In addition to its reputation as a centre of learning, the Athenaeum is also known for being a safe haven for members of the Alchemists Guild, as well as other organisations that operate outside the bounds of conventional society. As a result, the Athenaeum has gained a reputation for being a place of secrets and strange arts, and is rumoured to have many hidden chambers and secrets.   Despite its reputation for being a haven for the strange and unusual, the Athenaeum is also a thriving centre of commerce. It sells information and goods to powerful entities and individuals both within and outside the Guildlands, thereby gaining influence and resources.   The Athenaeum has a long standing rivalry with the politically more powerful Donagogues of the White Bastion.
Founding Date
1782: Conquest
Owning Organization

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