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Sylinn's Amur

Running an estimated 934 miles, east to west, Sylinn's Amur is Alyeria's 2nd largest river and seperates the Southern Kingdoms from the rest of the nations of the Vyrinth continent. Sylinn is llythrin for deciet or lie. Amur is Vasku for rest. "Lie's Rest" is the nickname for this massive river and the bloody past it has witnessed. Many battles throughout history have been fought along its banks for control of resources, access and honor. Thousands have fallen staining the sand with their blood. The physical scars of these conflicts mark the banks along the river and the sands to this day are striated with a deep copper color. The result of fallen soldiers blood or a more natural or mineral source remains a debate among scholars and historians. A vital artery from the rugged Dundrel Mountains to the island nations of the western ocean. At the foothills of the Dundrel's lies the massive ruins of the Antril Barrier. This titanic structure was built by the industrious Anil and Danif races to capture the kinetic power of the Amur itself. Stories and a some surviving documents state that the barrier generated man made power, seperated from the natural order. Its effect on communities down river was dramatic and controvertial. The Anil (dwarves) leveraged the power of the river to negociate mineral mining rites in territories along the river in exchange for greater water and power access. The barrier fell during the Surge of Storms. Its actual collapse was not witness by many due to the harsh conditions on the surface. The sudden and powerful release of the waters flooded the regions down river with devestating effects. Alyeria's suffering deepened with the violent surge of water. A few communities that has sought shelter from the storms in valleys and caves were destroyed without warning, further reducing the number of Alyerian's that survived the cataclysm. As the world recovered decades later, the Amur once again became a vital pathway and resource for the remaining populace. Port cities sprang up along its banks as trade flurished and the settlements grew. With this growth old grudges surfaced and blood once again stained the rivers banks.

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