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Ithmrital: The Last Gate

Ithmrital (ith'mri'tal) is an ominous site, the last gate, last barrier to entry ormore importantly exit from the Inerta. This massive, physical and magical construction rests at the feet of the city above, whose elemental and mortal inhabitants guard it. With certainty it is a grand work of architecture. Craftsman, artisains, and designers where ferried to the most distant place in the outer planes - to fix a mistake.   The finale of the War of Shadows could not have been predicted. In desperation, combining their greatest powers, the Primes shifted the tide of the war banishing Urbis to the Inerta. The err in their calculations was monumental. Their spell hurted Urbis not just across the planes, but through them, phyically through them. The massive hole punched through the boundries of the outer planes lay open like gaping wounds. The path clear, for Urbis' return.   Construction began in 129 CE. Upon its completion in 161 CE, the tiny research outpost had been transformed into a city out of the necessity to house, feed and entertain those that constructed the gate. The primary route to the construction site was regularly choked with material deliveries for the gate. Ithmrital had to become largely self sufficient. Forunately, residing in the elemental plane of Earth had one key advantage - agricultural abundance. Gardens produced greater yields and supported even the most exotic plants.   The last gate is a magical marvel and the blueprint for the rest. Consisting of interlocking stones, the gate was designed to shrink. The Primes set in motion restortive spells to seal the ruptured barriers. This however would take time. As the barriers healed, the massive stones would shift outward, decreasing the size of the gate. Unused stones would be removed as the barrier healed.   The primary route from Ithmrital to the next gate is patrolled in weekly rotations. This route is rarely taveled by merchants and only sees significant use once a year as members of the last watch cycle out. This exchange or renewal of troops is to ensure the guardians of the gate do not become complacent in their duties to ensure it remains secure. This dedicated group consists of hand selected defenders approved after detailed investigation into thier skills and morals. If the wrong person is assigned the duty of protecting this gate, the fate of the world could be at stake.   The plane of earth is vast and varied in its terrain. To imagine that there are not individuals that work to profit from rare commodities smuggled across planar borders would be foolish. The leadership and troops of the last city understand this and work to stop these enterprising individuals or groups, but the vast, difficult terrain provide an adavantage to smaller, fast moving groups.   With its position next the the Inerta, small exploits or gaps in the planar wall have been found that daring smugglers utilize to their gain.
As the corrupt forces of the dark lord were being routed, the nations of the world rallied. Protected during the war by its brave soldiers and stalwart commanders, now the citizens, laborers and artisans would be the heroes.   Work began in Ithmrital, a small insignificant outpost, transformed into one of the largest construction sites ever known. They built them in reverse, from last to first. Sealing the holes, setting the guards and hoping they had enough time before Urbis awoke with annihilation in his heart.


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