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The Dial

The Dial overlooks the southern side of the omnipresence—tilting slightly in that direction. It casts a shadow over portions leaving the towns beneath spending a fair bit of their day in darkness. The darkness casted by the structures attracts monsters onto the surface causing towns to face attacks more often than those on the other side of The Dial. Inside of The Dial itself is a vast community of harpies that attack surface dwellers and war amongst each other. The way to reach the top without having to deal with harpies is with the Elevator established by The Omnipresence which is only used by Zealots  and Saints .


The tower is seventy miles in diameter and one mile high and tilts five degrees southeast. Its body is constructed from metal piping and sheet platforms with rooms strewn within. Perches facing outwards with small communities of monsters cast shadows down onto the surroundings. The surface of the tower has a small down built upon it where The Omnipresence preforms secret rituals.
Alternative Names
Omni Tower

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