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The Blackwall Company


  A company of mercenaries founded at the end of the first green year. After holding the line against the initial incursion of the wilds, the survivors of the battle of Blackwall went on to form The Blackwall Company. With the threat of the wilds sufficiently dammed by Mazot's masterful runework, the mercenaries of Blackwall have set themselves to defending the world from more mundane problems. Lost possessions, missing persons, and banditry make up the most of their work, but with the arrival of the life storms marking the start of another green year, the Blackwall company will soon have their work cut out for them.  

Brief History

  One-hundred and eighty-four years ago, in the eighth year of Ascension, The Godking had the first of his...episodes. Life energy was unleashed from him, empowering the ever-growing wilds. The plants of the wilds, which already seemed to have an unnatural intellect, became something almost sentient. They swept through the empire, crushing everything in their path. The growth of the wilds was eventually halted by a powerful wizard named Mazot, who created a wall of fire large enough to envelop what remained of the empire, scorching the earth. By the time the fire died down, all that remained of the assault was a blackened ring of vines and twisting roots that formed a wall where the fire had been--The Blackwall. It has stood all these years as a symbol of our struggle against the wilds, which even now are a threat to anyone desperate enough to venture outside the wall*. But the wizard did not save us alone. Many brave souls stood at his back, defending him from all that broke through the flames. Some were soldiers, others peasants, but all stood together and fought when it was needed. The survivors went on to form The Blackwall Company, an elite guild of mercenaries devoted to helping the people of Rua. In the eyes of many, they are better protectors than the empire's own military.   *For some reason, the wilds seem to ignore the wildfolk, such as goblins. It does still kill them on occasion, but far less frequently.  


  Though any who find themselves in need of quick payment can make use of the bounty board kept by the wallguard, technically making them mercenaries, these would not be considered members of The Blackwall Company. Only those who sign on with the commander and swear the vows of the wallguard can claim that honor, and the benefits that come with it. These benefits include:
  • A reliable weekly stipend paid by the guild
  • First claim of any new jobs that arrive on the bounty board
  • Access to higher paying jobs that are never made available to the public
  • Access to the company armory
  • Corpse recovery services
  • Room and Board
They also offer to buy the imperial guard out of their contracts, which are sworn for a natural lifetime, though how they have that kind of sway over the godking is unknown.

To Succeed Where Others Have Failed

09a - Ongoing

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
The Hellbrands (originally started as a jab by the imperial guard, was later adopted by The Blackwall Company.)
Training Level

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