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Lunus Carus

Lunus Carus is the commander of the Arcane Cohort, a role he has been covering for 10 years. It is a dark-skinned individual whose somatic features do not seem to indicate a precise ethnic group. In fact, his blood comes from both the sub-Saharan and the original North American populations. He seems fifty years old, but the body is still dry and athletic, and the short, grizzled beard does not age him in the slightest. Lunus has made a career in the legions, serving in the province of Arabia before moving to the secret services. Here he distinguished himself in some undercover missions both in the Kingdom of Axum and in the Mayan Empire, where in both cases his uncertain ethnic heritage helped him. One of the missions that earned him the recognition of the top management of the agency and routed him on the path that would lead him to his current position is the killing of some scientists in a laboratory in one of the islands of the Gulf of Mexica. In fact, some Mayan computer scientists were studying an AI that should have behaved like a virus, spreading in enemy networks and causing damage. The then agent, Lunus, managed to hire himself as a restaurant manager at a cafeteria located near the laboratory, and, after making sure that most of his objectives already had the habit of eating there, over the course of several months managed to make sure that most of the lab staff got into the habit of eating in the diner where he worked also, and once he got this he started poisoning them with a slow-acting poison. When finally the targets were beyond the possibility of salvation he was already distant, thanks to a permit for mourning to go to the funeral of his old aunt. In the same vein in the direction of the Cohort Lunus has brought these characteristics: patience, attention to detail and a total lack of scruples, so much so that the voice inside the Cohort is that he is actually an AI with an artificial body. The commander, however, does not seem to give weight to these rumors, admitting he is aware of it, as long as everyone is doing their duty efficiently.

Current Location
Seat of the imperial secret services, the Arcane Cohort.
Year of Birth
3170 (55 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
A simple birth in an hospital in the province of Irochesia.
Black, slightly slanted upward.
Mostly bald. Grizzled short hairs in the back of his head
1,85 m.
87 kg.

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