Greater Deities

Religion in Rodinia is both simple and complex all at once. The simplest explanation is that all worship of divine powers boils down to veneration of either Light or Darkness, though occasionally the more primitive elements of earth, air, fire and water are also worshipped. Though all worshippers of essentially 'good' gods venerate the power of Light, they may label it in different ways. The god 'Ra' as worshipped in Khemit and the Sun god of Albion are alike enough to easily see as the same god. But ultimately the dwarven goddess of the home and the Rodinian father-god are still simply facets of the same power: the Light. In Lucarcia the Light is called simply that. Equally the Darkness is the power behind most 'evil' deities, whether they be gods of destruction, war, murder or disease.  

Angels and Demons

To complicate matters slightly, there are the servants of Light and Darkness. Oft times known as angels and demons, these beings live in the Void and are directly tied to the primordial powers they serve. At times these quasi-deities are effectively worshipped as gods. The most obvious example being the Demon Prince, the most powerful and infamous of Darkness' servants of the last few millennia. The Demon Prince was significant enough to have spawned many cults in Rodinia and his followers worshipped him like a god. However if ever they prayed to him and called up 'his power' what they were actually doing was opening a rift into the Void and summoning forth the power of Darkness for their ends.  

The Old Faith

The Old Faith is about being attuned to the World of Rodinia itself, sometimes opening portals to the Void and drawing on the Light, Darkness or the elements, sometimes simply controlling the elements from which the world is formed.