Pharaoh Ramesis

God King of The Three Kingdoms

The God-king of the huge island continent of Khemit. One of the most powerful people in the whole World of Rodinia. Ramesis is the first pharaoh of that name and he rules over the oldest civilization on the planet. The mystical keri-heb are under his direct control through their leader Neferu, who has sworn allegiance to him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the first son of the last Pharaoh Akhom, Ramesis is an only child. He grew up in the city of Luxore in the royal palace.

Intellectual Characteristics

An extremely self-assured individual, you would be hard pressed to find a person with more will power and resilience in the entirety of Khemit.

Morality & Philosophy

An upstanding and generally well-balanced man, Ramesis has no overriding urges to expand the Kingdom beyond its current borders.  Indeed when the Theocracy of Hishan declared independence from Khemit he watched his father do nothing about it, and that lesson seems to have sunk deep.   That said, Ramesis is a stalwart fellow and none of the expansionist empires to Khemit's east look at his lands as easy pickings ripe for the taking. Especially not with the Keri-heb at his command.
Current Location
Known Languages
Ramesis speaks Khemetian, Rodinian and Honshu as well as the Trade Tongue.