House Angus

The House of Angus has its seat in Dun Realon in Manabas. It's symbol is a wolf and the Anguses are known as hardy and self-sufficient.
House Angus, whose symbol is the wolf, is an ancient house who can trace its lineage back to before there was a king in Manabas. On this island, many generations ago, Eamon Angus staked a claim and founded a tiny trading post. Now, centuries later, expansion of trade between the north and south have caused the tiny trading center and way station to grow into a heavily fortified citadel, with the charter and lordship still in the hands of the Angus family.   Three brothers rule the city. Arb Angus is the eldest; he inherited the land and title from his father. Bron is the middle brother and the Captain of the Mist Watch. Cael is the youngest brother and Master of the Temple of Fortitude.   The people of House Angus are hardy and self-sufficient; hardships are taken in stride, and respect is reserved for those who have earned it.
Geopolitical, Great house
Controlled Territories