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Cardinal O'Connor

Cardinal O'Connor is a tall, greying man of late years and a friendly disposition. He is looked upon by nearly all who know him as a kind of father figure and is someone who many of the important people in the kingdom go to for advice. Fortunately he is a wise man who has no personal ambition and as such he is able to give good advice to these people.


Since the last of the Justicars, Sir Karith, was killed and his sword taken into the desert for safe keeping, the Cardinals of Albion have taken on board the honoree title of Grandmaster of the Knights of the Sun. Although they are notionally in charge of the Order, they always leave the running to the head knight of the Order, the highest ranked Knight Commander. Cardinal O'Connor is no exception to this rule.  


In an unprecedented display of faith Cardinal O'Connor was recently able request of Pelor that he return to life 5 local lads who had died in the process of fighting evil in the name of the kingdom. With the great faith of the Cardinal, backed up with the prayers of the king himself, Pelor looked kindly on their prayers and granted a second chance to the Albioners.
Current Location
Year of Birth
599 AR 80 Years old
Greying and bald
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Liver spotted
160 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations