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20th Year of King Malaky XVI's Reign

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The World Of Rislandia

  Welcome to Rislandia, an industrious country on the southern continent of Areth.   Our nation is one dedicated to progress in science, technology, and one of unwavering loyalty to our King, Malaky XVI, and most importantly, to each other. The country has a long history, dating back to when Jory Malaky and his party fled from what was then the great Areth Empire, across the Oler Mountains to settle this land. They stopped in what would become the capital, Rislandia City, and built the great Crystal Spire which overlooks the beautiful, fertile land.   In this last century, industry has rapidly changed the landscape of Rislandia. There have been advances in medicine, armaments, and most importantly, we’ve seen the development of the pride of Rislandia—airships.   The world is dangerous, with strange creatures and even greater enemies nearby, both foreign and domestic. We’ve recently discovered several devolved giants, who have burrowed into the ground and turned into gelatinous oozes that feed off of the negative emotions of humans.   To the south is the Wyranth Empire, an authoritarian country where much of the land isn't livable because of desert and swamp climates, but the scheming Iron Emperor is always seeking more power, meddling with his soldiers to try to create the ultimate fighting force.   Despite looming war and strange creatures manipulating the populace, Rislandia prides itself in exploration and discovery. We will prevail through these difficult times. For steam and country!  

Read The Books

  Rislandia is a setting from a steampunk airship adventure book series, The Adventures of Baron von Monocle, which spawned a spinoff series following its special forces in The Steam Knight. The world is constantly expanding and will be growing for years to come with amazing new stories by #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning author, Jon Del Arroz!   Suggested Reading Order:   For Steam And Country   Knight Training   The Blood Of Giants   The Fight For Rislandia   Guard Training