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The Black Sand Tribes

The four tribes living in the Black sands have a very similar culture regardless of there common clashes. is general distrusted by other humans dwarves and elves due to their similar skin tone to the drow (elves who betrayed their people and were changed because of that)

Naming Traditions

Family names

Aran: Aran, Novor, Sealo, Feerai. Trinop: Socar, Neai, Novar, Loakr, Molare. Celo: Netari, Iloa, Moven Srate: Aron, Noae, Nealot, Saltair


Major language groups and dialects

speaks a mutated form of common that is barely understandable to other dwarves and humans.

Shared customary codes and values

No Violence ever near the oasis to do so brings death to your whole tribe. To live is to Succeed. No work between 9 am and 4 pm The tribe over all else

Average technological level

Tribal Level.

Common Etiquette rules

When greeting someone of a different tribe place your dominant hand on the opposite shoulder to show you will not attack.   Greeting someone of your tribe you grip their shoulder with your dominant hand to show you would back them up.   Greeting an enemy you cut your thumb and drag the blood diagonally across your chest.

Common Dress code

very little in the extreme heat often only sandals and the large brim hats that grant shade to the whole body.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Every time a full moon all tribes gather at the oasis to refill their water and relax under the bright light of the moon.

Coming of Age Rites

when a member of a tribe becomes an adult (16-17) a small bucket of the scorching black sand is thrown on their back then rinsed of with the water of the oasis. to show their strength of surviving the sands of the desert until adulthood.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead are burned by the tribes shaman to prevent it from arising as a zombie that the magic of the desert causes.


Beauty Ideals

Physical beauty in the culture is generally disregarded due to the harsh environment and how necessary it is for everyone to be working it disappears quickly. Although a common practice is to show scars gained doing work to show the perseverance and strength of a person.

Gender Ideals

Fairly egalitarian with each person being assigned a task best suited to them after a series of trials regardless of gender.

Courtship Ideals

Most relationships are pragmatic with little to no romance before being bonded by the elders in the great oasis both people are branded with the others name before being thrown while tied together into the water if they manage to work together and escape they are considered married. Most spend time practicing before hand to prevent drowning.

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