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Star Lily

A flower of ethereal beauty and superstition. It is though that those who crush this flower under foot or harms it in any other way brings doom lasting the rest of their very short life. All doubters of the flowers power are just told the story of Lily the jealous who couldn't stand there being something more beautiful then her and so crushed one of the flowers and was cursed with warts eventually dying when her mirror crushed her while screaming after discovering the warts.

Basic Information


delicate stalk supporting a head of eight white gold petals that glow in the light of the moon and a center of the deepest pruple

Genetics and Reproduction

It reproduces by pollination and seeds carried by the wind on a silver chute it releases one seed a year

Growth Rate & Stages

grows very quickly once warm weather hits reaching full bloom in only 2 days

Ecology and Habitats

temperate and requires very little nutrients to sustain itself only limit to its population is its slow reproduction rate.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It produces energy through photosynthesis and a small amount of nutrients the same amount a single blade of grass requires from the soil.

Biological Cycle

Every fall if its stem has not been killed will revert back into a seed like form and hibernate over the winter re-blooming again in the spring.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The crushed petals are a extremely potent poison swiftly killing the person with no cure within an hour but those who use this poison risk bringing doom upon themselves with the curse being ever present and powerful.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All over the continent of Neidr and some seeds have caught rides to Aurora and started blooming rarely in locations near ports.

Average Intelligence

Scientific Name
Stella Lilium
Immortal to time unless killed by external force
Conservation Status
Avoid at all costs due to the curse that surrounds harming the flower.
Average Height
15 inches

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