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Gaia Grass/Grain

A delicious and healthy grain only found in the Golden Plains.


Material Characteristics

A tall golden grass with a hard and strong stalk supporting grains the size of a fist.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Very nutritious, slight narcotic (mild pain relief, mild anti depressant, mild anti anxiety,), and releases a chemical into the brain that acts similarly to endorphins.


Gaia Bread (uses the flour made from the grains),   Hope Hooch (brewed using the grains, Very strong alcoholic beverage with the added effects that are natural in the plant being increased, addictive)   Burning Stalk (a dried inedible stalk of the Gaia Grass is crushed and then wrapped in one of the plants green leaves, strong narcotic which causes feelings of joy and happiness as well as being a mild hallucinogen, mildly addictive)

Geology & Geography

It is only found in the Golden Plains the particular properties of the soil in the terrain likely from a magical anomaly means it can not be grown anywhere else.

Origin & Source

The Gaia Grass

Life & Expiration

Once dried the plant can last several years in storage.

History & Usage


Originally discovered by the first colonists sent to Aurora from Neidr when they arrived on the continent starving from the ships the grain saved their life and brightened their spirits leading to the name Gaia Grass/Grain.

Everyday use

It is used in most food in the golden plain and other places in Aurora because it's easy to cook and bake using it tastes great and is very nutritious.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Burning Stalks and Hope Hooch are often used in celebrations and are a sign of friendship if someone offers to share some with another person.


it needs to be turned into flour or fermented to be used as bread or hooch respectively. to make the Burning Stalks the plant needs to be dried and then the leaves have to be collected from another alive plant.


Trade & Market

A big export for the golden plains both to other locations on the continent and back to Neidr who treats anything made from the plant as a delicacy.


just needs to be stored in a dry location to prevent mold.
Common in the golden Plains but gets progressively more hard to find the further you get.
A mild smell fruit
Tastes slightly of berries with each plant tasting slightly differently and effecting each eater differently as well where one person may taste strawberry another might taste blue berry.

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