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Blow Dodge

A game requiring strong lungs and fast reflexes.


It was started as a way to hone the reflexes, aim and endurance of the tribal humans. it has evolved into different versions with one being played with blunted darts and if your hit your out or the more authentic way with sharpened darts covered in a paralytic and hallucinogen.


Played for fun and competition often with regions creating teams to compete against others. each player is given a blow dart and a bag of 12 darts if they run out they have to scavenge for more a player is not allowed to pick up a dart after they have fired unless they are out of darts and after that can only hold one dart at a time the game ends when everyone on the other team has been eliminated either with the blunt version been hit or with the drug version incapacitated there is absolutely no physical contact allowed and causes immediate disqualification. Each game is played in a field often with trees rocks or other obstetrical allowing the players to hide behind. originally this was played in the forest spanning several kilometers with no teams but the rules have been more developed allowing for spectators. Players wear only loincloths dyed with the teams colors to prevent clothes from blocking the darts. it is often played at weddings between the men of the bride and grooms families as a way to get to know each other and show off. If someone surrenders by dropping their blowgun and putting their hands in the air or shouting "I surrender" then they must be allowed to leave and not be shot at jeers and insults are allowed though.

Components and tools

Blowgun, Blunted darts, Sharpened darts, Poisoned darts (Paralytic and hallucinogen).


there are eight players on each team and two referees that wear bright colors and leather to protect them.


Only played in warm weather.

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