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Binding of the Poisons

A marriage tradition stretching back to the Vishkanya's dark roots and a marriage ceremony that can last for days.


It started as a ritual to venerate the dark god Yig and done between to worshipers. It has since evolved away from it's dark roots and is done as a ceremony of marriage.


1. The Ceremony is held outside or in an area open to the sky while it is raining if the rain stops at any point it is put on hold until it starts again 2. A bed of hot coals is created in a ring surrounding the couple and periodically refilled to give constant steam 3. An elder then explains why it is the couple thinks they should be married and then the couple add onto this. 4. The elder asks if anyone disagrees with their decision or reasoning 5 .If someone comes forward points something they might have missed or overlooked the couple and elder discuss it and either stop the ceremony or give a reasoning concerning the new information 6. steps 4 and 5 as necessary 7. Both partners bite into their own left palm and lick the wound 8. The hands are clasped together and bound with vine 9. The blood dripping from the bound hands is caught in two vials 10. they then cut the vine off after 24 hours has past and are then considered married. it is seen as bad luck for the marriage if it comes undone before this time. 11. Each spouse is presented with a necklace holding a vial of the combined blood

Components and tools

Lots of hot coals Vine or other form of rope like plant


Someone to lead the ceremony (an elder or other important person) The couple Large group of acquaintances, friends, and family.


When a pair wish to be married and there is rain.

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