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Air Cruiser

Speedy method of travel for the rich and well connected taking decades and thousands of dollars just to create one of these magical vehicles.

Power Generation

The fire for the hot air balloon is generated by a specially enchanted crystal that can be manipulated while the enchantments on the pulleys are all self sufficient and can be maintained by a basic magic user.


Large hot air balloon provides the lift allowing the vehicle to stay in the air. It is then propelled by the blades of a windmill mounted on the back which is turned rapidly by a complicated series of pulleys and magic to give the craft horizontal speed.

Weapons & Armament

None the craft is far to expensive and difficult to make to risk it in combat. Although there have been a few times where Air Cruisers have been used to drop large objects on the heads of troops or into cities from great height.

Armor and defense

Its very lightweight construction requires a lack of armor in order for the craft to stay in the air.

Communication Tools & Systems

Has a series of flags and lanterns along the sides of the ship that can be used to signal people on the ground that they are landing or they have spotted something important such as a fire, storm or army.


the crew always keeps spyglasses on them to allowing them to distant problems and any problems on the ground while landing.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Stored in the bottom of the ship there is a massive sheet of sturdy cloth that can be tied to the ship and unfurled to stop a sudden descent such as the balloon popping and has saved lives and ships several times.
Very rare with it being nearly impossible to buy or create one it can only be gained through inheritance. There are only about 100 currently in existence with the secret to their creation being a closely guarded.
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
20 passengers and 120kg of cargo

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