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Each weapon has a name, attribute, type, and damage. The attribute describes which attribute is needed to wield it. For example, a great axe will need strength to wield and the STR modifier is used to determine if the attack with the great axe is successful. STR modifiers are used with heavy weapons, two handed weapons, and large weapons used single hand. This includes longswords, pikes, clubs, crossbows. The other type of weapon attribute is dexterity. The DEX modifier is used for weapons like daggers, bows, short swords, or dual wielding. The type of weapon determines the proficiencies needed to increase the modifier. Spells proficiency is Spell Caster.  

Weapon Types and Examples

Each weapon has a type that links it to a specific attribute for use in combat. There are different feats that can affect the use of the weapon in combat. Lastly, there are examples of each weapon type.

TypeAttributeFeatWeapon Examples
BladeSTR/DEXBlade WielderDaggers, swords
BluntSTRBone BreakerMaces, clubs, blackjacks
RangeDEXDeadeyeThrowing knives, bows
FistsSTRMartial ArtistEmpty hand, brass knuckles
SpecialSTR/DEX/Other?SpecialistUnique weapons, whips, morning stars
PolearmsSTR/DEXLong ReachSpears, Staffs, pikes
  Weapons can have +1(rare), +2(epic), or +3(legendary) modifiers as well that add to your attack modifier and damage modifier. These modifiers come from the level of skill that went into crafting the item.  

Difficulty Check Results

In Rhunec results of a skill check have different results depending on the DC, or difficulty check, that is passed. So if you roll a 13, the result will be Apprentice level, since the DC of 10 was passed but the DC of 15 for Adept was not achieved.




Price Modifier

NoviceDC is 0-1 to item properties0% Price
ApprenticeDC is 5+0 to item properties50% Price
AdeptDC is 10+1 to item properties100% Price
ExpertDC is 15+2 to item properties150% Price
MasterDC is 20+3 to item properties200% Price
  The modifiers for weapons can also be changed by the following feats.

Combat Feats Quick Table


Negates -5 to Base Attack

Adds +3 to Attack

Mastery Add +5

SpellKnowledge of MagicSpell CasterSpell Master
Bare HandKnowledge of Martial ArtsMartial ArtistMundane Master
BladeWeapon ProficiencyBlade WielderMundane Master
BluntWeapon ProficiencyBone CrusherMundane Master
RangeWeapon ProficiencyDead EyeMundane Master
SpecialWeapon ProficiencySpecialistMundane Master
Pole ArmsWeapon ProficiencyLong ReachMundane Master
  Other Combat Feats
  • Dual Wield: allows to dual wield light weapons and draw them at the same time
  • Spell Master: allows for the use of Expert and Master Level spells
  • Assassin: allows for increased damage from sneak attacks
  • Advanced skill set: use both action and bonus action as attacks in a single turn
  • Expert skill set: use two actions and a bonus action in a single turn
  • Master skill set: use two actions and two bonus actions in a single turn
For full least of feats, see Character Feats.   Damage Structure Fists 1d4+the attack modifier.  

Weapon Details List

Detailed list of weapons in Rhunec. If you weapon is not on here, it can be added.

DaggerBlade200 stellas1d41 lb.STR/DEX, thrown (range 20/60)
HandaxeBlade500 stellas1d62 lb.DEX, thrown (range 20/60)
ScimitarBlade2500 stellas1d63 lb.DEX
ShortswordBlade1000 stellas1d62 lb.DEX
LongswordBlade1500 stellas1d83 lb.STR/DEX
RapierBlade2500 stellas1d82 lb.DEX
BattleaxeBlade1000 stellas1d8 slashing4 lb.STR
GreatswordBlade500002d66 lb.STR, two-handed
GreataxeBlade3000 stellas1d127 lb.STR, two-handed
ClubBlunt10 stellas1d42 lb.DEX
Light HammerBlunt200 stellas1d42 lb.DEX, thrown (range 20/60)
MaceBlunt500 stellas1d64 lb.STR
MorningstarBlunt1500 stellas1d84 lb.STR
GreatclubBlunt100 stellas1d810 lb.STR, two handed
FlailBlunt1000 stellas1d82 lb.STR
WarhammerBlunt1500 stellas1d82 lb.STR/DEX
MaulBlunt1000 stellas2d610 lb.STR, two-handed
SicklePolearm100 stellas1d42 lb.DEX
SpearPolearm100 stellas1d63 lb.STR/DEX, thrown (range 20/60)
QuarterstaffPolearm100 stellas1d64 lb.STR/DEX
TridentPolearm500 s tellas1d64 lb.STR/DEX Thrown (range 20/60)
GlaivePolearm2000 stellas1d86 lb.STR, two-handed
HalberdPolearm2000 stellas1d106 lb.STR, two-handed
PikePolearm500 stellas1d1018 lb.STR, two-handed
ScythePolearm2500 stellas1d1210 lb.STR, two-handed
BlowgunRange1000 stellas1 piercing1 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 25/100), loading
DartRange5 stellas1d41/4 lb.DEX thrown (range 20/60)
SlingRange50 stellas1d40.5 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 30/120)
JavelinRange250 stellas1d62 lb.DEX, thrown (range 30/120)
ShortbowRange2500 stellas1d62 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 80/320), two-handed
Crossbow, handRange7500 stellas1d63 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading
Crossbow, lightRange2500 stellas1d85 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, two-handed
LongbowRange5000 stellas1d82 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 150/600), two-handed
Crossbow, heavyRange5000 stellas1d1018 lb.DEX, Ammunition (range 100/400), loading, two-handed
NetSpecial100 stellas0d03 lb.DEX, thrown (range 5/15)
WhipSpecial200 stellas1d43 lb.DEX
War PickSpecial500 stellas1d82 lb.STR
Metor HammerSpecial5000 stellas1d125 lb.DEX
LanceSpecial1000 stella1d126 lb.STR
  If you do not find your weapon of choice on this list, it can be added. It will have stats based on similar weapons. Consult with the DM to make sure the weapon is balanced and fits with the other weapons.

Want to make your own weapons?

Smithing Mechanic

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