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The Ladri

On the face, the Ladri are a loose organization of mercenaries. Hired swords for any purpose. If a struggling caravan can't afford the Oro Guards, they hire the Ladri. Everyone knows, the hired swords is just a front for the thieves and swindlers to hide behind. If you could get anyone from the Ladri to talk frankly, they would tell you that they abide by a strict code of conduct. No stealing from the people that hired you until the job is complete. Payment is 50% before and 50% after, always. Never leave a comrade behind. If a Ladri needs help, you of the Ladri give it, no questions asked. Each Ladri is free to make their own decisions, other than the Code, nothing binds their will.   The Ladri do quietly offer other services, sabotage, stealing, smearing a good name, even intimidation. Even more quietly, a few members will even accept requests for assassinations. These Assassins are a very small branch within the Ladri but are included never the less. To find an Assassin requires a lot of gold and time to even find the right place to make inquiries. Ostracized and feared by the rest of the Ladri, the Assassins are hard to pin down.   Past the theivery and the killing, the Ladri are a god-send to the Guardians' Cities. They are resource to handle problems to big for the local guardian. This includes Bandits, rogue guardians, or rogue mages. With holds or contacts in every major city and nearly every town, the Ladri have become the hero of the people spread across Rhunec.   The Ladri mercenaries all wear a badge

Illicit, Syndicate

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