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Spell Books

Spell Books are how knowledge of glyphs, enchantments, and spells are passed from one person to the next. Some spell books are incredibly rare and hard to find. Others are deemed dangerous and are locked away from the public, deep in the icy depths of the Library at Heim.   To learn a spell, the appropriate spell book must read. Each level of spell book has requirements to be understood. Each level has a DC and then the Variation describes how many times that DC must be passed. For example, a 1st Variation only requires one roll. A 3rd Variation requires 3 rolls.   Each roll requires an hour of in game time reading. So it will take you 1 hour to learn a 1st Variation spell. It will take you 3 hours to learn a 3rd Variation spell. This time includes reading the book, understanding the spell, and practicing the glyph.   Spells must be learned in the correct order. The Novice spell must be known before the Apprentice spell of the same school and variation. For example, the Kraken Adept 3rd Variation must be known before the Kraken Expert 3rd Variation. Knowing a different variation of the lower level does not count.  

Scholarship DC for Spell Books

1st Variation1 roll, DC 101 roll, DC 132 roll, DC 152 DC 173 DC 19
2nd Variation1 DC 102 DC 132 DC 153 DC 173 DC 19
3rd Variation2 DC 102 DC 133 DC 153 DC 173 DC 19
Item type
Book / Document
Owning Organization
The Sky Scholars
1 lb.

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