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Campaign Starting Guide

There is a lot of info in this wiki, so I'll try and put it all together here.   First place to start is with the Introduction to Rhunec. This summary article has links to information about the different regions of Rhunec and the culture. This is a great place to start for back story ideas for your character. Also start to dig into the articles. Search around and look through the organizations, characters, and locations in Rhunec.   Once you have an idea of the World Lore, then head to Campaign Rules. The best place to start is Character Building. Work through each of these articles. The form the backbone of characters and the tools with which your character can use in the campaign. The meat of the rules appear in Mechanics. These articles include explinations and rules for how combat, magic, and skills work. The remaining categories that are improtant under Campaign Rules are Schools of Magic and Items.   After all of that, you should be good to go!

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