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The Seraphim

The Seraphim is an enchanted ring found in the Pearl Market. It allows the user to summon wings of blue fire, that allow them to travel swiftly. These wings only last for about a minute or so, after which they will disappear. If the user is still flying with these wings when they deactivate, they will fall to their death. After the wings deactivate, they cannot be resummoned for about an hour or so. These wings may also be used in combat, lashing out and burning any opponents that get too close. The time limit also applies to this way of using the wings too.  


The origins of this ring is unknown, but it is believed to be related to the Ophanim ring. Although these rings have never all been brought together at the same time before, some theorize that bringing them together may summon an unknown creature from the Dreamscape. It is unknown how this rumour came into being, but it seems to be as old as the rings themselves.
This ring is made from silver and adorned with white crystal wings.


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