Sweet Dreams Charm

A relatively simple charm, the Sweet Dreams Charm allows the wearer to have pleasant dreams whenever they sleep. Crafted in the Citadel of Clouds, the charm is imbued with fey magic. The charm, when activated, emits a sweet lavender scent. Because the charm is simple to make, it is relatively common, being sold to humans who visit The Pearl Market.   Charms that affect a person's dreams affect a person's magic as it is tied to a person's dreams.  

Bootleg Copies

A few bootleg versions of the charm have been circulated in places outside of the Pearl Market. The copies have a sickly sweet smell, and while they will give the user good dreams for the first few nights, they eventually spoil. The spoiled bootleg charms create dreams that drive the user to insanity. The corpses of those who die from use of this charm, have the same sickly sweet smell of the knock-off charm.
The charm is in the shape of a moon made from mother of pearl, with a pink ribbon wrapped around it.


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