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Return to Ravenloft

The Year of Four Crows

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All Things Move Towards Their End...

"They say that long ago, when the Strangers left Castle Ravenloft, the great evil was vanquished. Our ancestors felt the sun on their skin for the first time in their lives. Wildflowers spread like fire in the spring. Laughter returned to the hearts of our people, and perhaps most unbelievably of all, Barovians dared to hope.   But that was centuries ago, and the castle still lies abandoned. No house dares to stand in its shadow, and no one will venture inside.   Why? Why do we fear an empty maze of stone and cobwebs?   It is because we know that it isn't really empty. Even still, there is a dark presence in the highest tower. Though it does not show its face, it is a malevolence that calls to us in our dreams. It is the font of evil from which the hopeless drink and are empowered to do harm to others as harm was done to them.   Yet the rest of us just turn our gaze away, pretending we do not hear the beast that howls atop the mountain. We do not speak of the kindly widows who go missing in the night, or the merchants who travel the Old Svalich Road and never return.   We just close our shutters, lock our doors, and pray to the gods.   Again, I ask you, why? If the vampire is gone, then what do we still have to fear?   I tell you, friends, it is because this peace is a façade for something worse than a mere vampire.   Evil was not vanquished the night Strahd died... it was unleashed."  
- Priestess Amelia
    Welcome to Return to Ravenloft, a follow-up campaign to the Curse of Strahd. In this campaign, we return with all new champions to bring comeuppance to the cunning and wicked Midnight. We will explore lands both strange and familiar, witnessing how heroes past have shaped the future, and leaving our own marks on history in the process.   Standing in our path, the opposing forces of Fate & Fortune seek to toy with our lives for their own machinations. They seek to deliver us into evil and tempt us to the side of the Dark Powers. Perhaps they will even succeed.   After all, Ravenloft is no place for heroes.