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Resting Place

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Soon after the planet became habitable, a war was fought for control of all that was.   Those Who were Born sought to take the power of The Ones that Were, and an all encompassing war raged across the planet and it's skies.   At The Burning of the Skies, which brought the end of the war, all that had rebelled were dead, the air carried death in it's wake, and all power was lost, destroyed, or hidden.   After the fires burned out and the ash finally settled, The Earth sought to undo the damage. It caused plants to sprout up and the air to be cleansed.   The Air was given life, and was made to watch over all life as it recovered from it's near annihilation and spread across the land.   The Ones that Were went into a slumber, watching from The Moon, The Air, and The Earth as life finally began to prosper.